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Part 3 of my Tanzania photo post. Find previous parts here; Part 1, and Part 2.

61. Photobucket
This was when we visited an orphanage. The children here were absolutely lovely, and we had a nice time despite speaking no language in common. A few from our group even managed to teach some of the kids how to play snap! This is another game of soccer with the kids.

62. Photobucket
I didn't actually go along that day, because of health/medication issues, but this is a school our group visited and gave them some supplies.

63. Photobucket
I wasn't here either, but this picture is wonderful. Our group actually had to climb us this waterfall! You can see our guide Steve there at the top; he starred in an episode of Big Cat Diaries, which is a documentary on, well, big cats!

64. Photobucket
Top of the waterfall.

65. Photobucket
A chameleon :) Ignore Fergus's big fancy camera lens poking in there! Jealous, much? Haha, I am. His lenses were HUGE.

66. Photobucket
This is the beach in Dar Es Salaam, on the coast of Tanzania. The weather looks terrible, but it wasn't; it was lovely, just dark at this time.

67. Photobucket
Palm trees! This picture always make me sing "Funky Town" in my head, and boy, do I hate that song!

68. Photobucket
This is the hotel we stayed in in Zanzibar, called the Mtoni Marine Hotel. It's the only hotel I've stayed in so far, and was lovely. We spent the last three days of the trip in Zanzibar, just relaxing. :)

69. Photobucket
The hotel balcony

70. Photobucket

71. Photobucket

72. Photobucket
This is a church in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

73. Photobucket
Inside the church.

74. Photobucket

75. Photobucket

76. Photobucket
View of the Indian Ocean from the roof of a museum in Zanzibar. The museum used to be the Sultan's Palace.

77. Photobucket
Stone Town

78. Photobucket
And again

79. Photobucket

80. Photobucket

81. Photobucket
Another one of the beach at Dar Es Salaam, plus fisherman.

82. Photobucket
Mtoni Marine Hotel

83. Photobucket
Alexx's henna tattoo

84. Photobucket
The finished result when the henna stuff flaked off.

85. Photobucket
Crab! :P I took this picture on a tiny spit of land no wider than the room I'm in right now. We went out on some boats, and it got smaller as the tide came in!

86. Photobucket
The Indian Ocean is wonderfully warm :P

87. Photobucket
A letter we found upon arriving in Mtoni Marine Hotel. We imagine Peter left before us, but it made our day, haha.

88. Photobucket
This was on the beach in Zanzibar. They gave us dinner out here on the beach at night, which was lovely. I didn't like the food much, because I'm so fussy - I was happier with the fries in Dar Es Salaam! - but the effort was lovely. :)

89. Photobucket
My henna tattoo. It's the symbol of the band Emigrate. :)

90. Photobucket
A view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the plane. We camped on the lower slopes of the mountain, which was just beautiful.

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