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I would like to say I couldn't care less about the new Twilight movie, but part of me is excited; the faster the movies are released, the faster the whole thing is over and done with. The books and movies aren't actually the worst things I've ever had to endure (and to be fair I've never seen the movies) and they're probably entertaining enough as just random books you pick up, and or if you sit down and watch a random movie, but the biggest problem with it is that so many fans are hailing it as THEE BEST THING EVAR!!!11!! I mean, seriously?! If you were immortal, (and could go out in the day, because you know, sparkling in the sun is hardly detrimental to your health, is it?!) would you really go back to high school every year.. do the same classes... People would notice for a start :/ And surely Forks isn't THAT cloudy that sun doesn't get through and make them sparkle all day long?! Sunlight still gets through clouds, you know. So my biggest problem with Twilight is Stephenie Meyer's apparent lack of common sense, and lack of character development, and the fact it's so overrated. Otherwise, it'd just go by, most people quite indifferent to it, and then it wouldn't be such a disappointment because people wouldn't be making such a big deal about it :/

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