Aug. 31st, 2010

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It's only a huge issue for me if either of the pair are underage. I admit it would be a bit weird if a 17 year old went out with a 50 year old; 16 and 17 aren't too different. But hey, I've always been attracted to much older people, and would feel like people are making too big a deal if they objected to me going out with someone older.

My 15 year old sister is going out with a 22 year old boy. I think that's wrong. I guess she looks a bit older for her age, but she's a CHILD. I'm only 19, and the thought of me going out with a 15 year old is so wrong. I don't see why my sister can't just wait 7 months until she is legal and there would be no issue... meh, they're having sex anyway... I'd still find it weird on her bf's part to be going out with her at his age, even if she did turn 16. You grow up very fast during puberty, but when you're out of it, years don't matter so much. Some people stay pretty much the same.

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