Feb. 18th, 2011

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Yes. Unless a student has a valid excuse not to do PE, of course they should do it. Obesity and related disorders are obviously a huge problem these days in Western society; making PE unmandatory will not help people's laziness! I had a valid excuse to get out of PE for the last few years where I had to do it, but otherwise, I would do it. Yes, it was not a good experience most of the time, and I dreaded it, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed some of the sports. If kids never try sports, how will they know they like them?

We can't condemn obesity and the fact that people's lifestyles directly cause diseases like type 2 diabetes, and have made cardiovascular disease the biggest cause of death, and then say, no it's fine; you can skip PE if you want to. Plus, I think that every subject should be mandatory until later years of school. At my old school, all the bratty children objected to taking a foreign language, which was mandatory - the teachers bowed and let them have their own way... :/ Who's running the school?! (A girl I took English class with actually cried to get out science class... they let her drop the subjects.)

Finally, though I'm on a slight tangent, why do people of religions like Jehovah's Witnesses get out of Religious Education? It's not a class that forces you to become a Christian - in fact, it teaches you about all the main world religions. And the atheists still have to attend! I hate to generalize, but a lot of religionists are close-minded about other religions, and this "I refuse to learn about other religions that aren't my own" attitude helps nothing. The class doesn't force you into any religion - it's about education, so that always annoyed me. God says not to worship other gods, but he doesn't condemn learning about them and keeping an open mind of others' beliefs.

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