Mar. 16th, 2013

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Well, I finally completed my afghan blanket last night, and I'm really very happy with it! It's cosy, and it turned out better than I expected. Not bad for my first time using only a written pattern without videos to help!

And here it is!

I've had very good feedback from friends and my lupus support group, and I'm entered into a prize draw with The Crochet Crowd for completing the blanket as part of Mikey's Afghan Club. I wrote more details about the club and giveaway on my crochet blog (here) as well as put a post of my impending crochet projects.

I got the knitting and crochet pattern book as well as some yarn and hooks a few years ago, as I hoped to learn in time for my niece Ellie's birth. Well, Ellie turned 1 last October, and I really just learned to crochet beyond the foundation chain this January! I've taken to it quite quickly, and find it's become second nature a long time before I expected it would. I can't always do it depending on how my hands are behaving, but thankfully they're generally o.k., and it's a good and productive "time-waster". :)

I love creating in general - I write my novel, poetry, lyrics, have a stab at drawing, like to do coding, amateur photography, you get the point! - and so crochet is another outlet of creativity for me. I think people here in the UK might find it a bit weird that a guy does it; I think it's more accepted in North America, for example, but then again, people who know me as gay/bi and that I love cutesy things and write poetry, etc. (and feed into gender stereotypes :P) are not necessarily surprised. :P Now, the hard bit is for me to commit to certain projects because there are just endless options!
dionysius: (wolf moon)
I finally did the friends cut here on LJ. It's not something I ever like to do, but is necessary to allow me to use the little time I have on LJ best. If you were cut, there are no hard feelings; I just felt we had little connection. I don't mind if anyone asks to be added back, but bear in mind that I am here for more interaction between people, rather than a blog-style "read each other's posts" thing.

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