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100% no. "Celebrity" is basically another word for someone whose job requires them to be in the public eye, and I don't think that entitles them to earn more in a week than some people earn in a year. I do admire some actresses and musicians that I guess would be called "celebrities", but I still don't think they deserve even a fraction of the money they have. Yes, acting can be a hectic, difficult job, but so is the job my father does, which is driving supplies across the country, loading his lorry and more. He is disabled, and works because my mother, also disabled, can't. We can't afford a luxury lifestyle, yet my dad probably puts more into his job than some of these celebrities.

If we're going to call footballers celebrities, then Hell, I'd give all the money I have right now if it meant they got their wages cut. Seriously, they kick up a fuss like the children they are because they are "only" getting paid something like 65.000£ a week?!

I'm disabled too, yet I still go to university, as I want to get a job and support myself financially. I'm also planning a volunteering trip to Thailand, which, if we don't manage to fundraise all the cash we need, I'll be using my savings that I've saved for uni, which actually includes my scholarship money. Why should I have to worry and stress over money all the time, when my problems would be solved if I was a half-naked girl whose producers or whatever knew how to use Autotune.

I think it says a Hell of a lot about our cultural values as a society; in fact our cultural values seem to be more than anything else. When celeb royalty like Cheryl Cole (non-UK people probably don't know who she is :L) get malaria, the doctors and nurses who save her life are probably paid a tiny fraction of her wage. When footballers break their ankles or knees, same deal. I think we need to stop giving out the message that as long as you're seen, you're important and you will get rich. A society is more than its entertainment - when it comes down to it, it is just entertainment. If we had no farmers, no doctors, then I'd love to see how much this entertainment industry would thrive...

Sorry, guys, you can see how pissed I am about this! It's something that really really annoys me, and upsets me in fact. It's one of the huger injustices in life.
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