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Well, this question is very apt after Tuesday's memorial service! I would like any organs possible to be donated first of all - I'm already a donor, but of course with my health, I don't know what they'd be able to use in the end. The rest of me is free to go to science - after all, others making the same decision is what has allowed me to benefit so much from my degree and will continue to allow the next generation of medics, surgeons, anatomists etc. to train. How could I say no? I know some people find it a bit weird, but seriously, what a waste if your body just decays under earth or is cremated and it destroys organs that could save another life. I understand people not wanting to donate their full bodies to science, but frankly, I feel that people who don't donate organs are selfish: if you would accept a donor organ, you should be morally obliged to donate them yourself. In the end, it doesn't make a difference to me whether I'm buried or cremated "whole" or not, and I'm sure whatever repulsion my family would feel regarding it would be erased and more upon receiving the news that I had saved lives or given such a gift to students exactly like I am now. I believe organ donation should be opt-out instead of opt-in - for those who aren't really bothered, it's better to have them donate than not, and anyone who is really repulsed can still opt out. Win-win and it's disgusting that very recently it was rejected here. There is a massive shortage of organs and unfortunately many people who WOULD donate but don't get round to signing up/don't know how to.

After all this, I'd prefer cremation over burial, partly for cost reasons, partly because the earth is full enough, and finally because I'm just not comforted by the idea of burial at all.
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