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Ever since I was tiny, I had a favorite stuffed animal. I've only had two main ones really; the first was a tiny little bear called Ted (how inventive :P), and when his body got worn, my mum stitched some new clothes onto him :) Sadly, I lost him when I was really small; it was outside at a park and we never found him. I was devastated, and kind of grieved for him :( After Ted, I had a rabbit called Donald :L He has no nose, because as a young kid I used to carry him by the nose in my mouth, says Dad, and I used to rub his nose with my hand. He looks like a cocaine user! :P I still take him everywhere with me; when I move back and forward between towns for uni, he comes with me. I even took him to Tanzania with me! There was a scare in Kilimanjaro airport, where my and a girl's bags didn't come through with the others, and I was freaking out that Donald was lost! The bags came through eventually, and I was relieved to get him back; clothes are replaceable after all! I can only think of two trips I didn't have him on, and that was when I went for a few days on two occasions down to Hastings, England to see friends. At one point I didn't even have bags at all as we went to a Rammstein concert. I still sleep with him every night, and I'm not ashamed, not even for a 19 year old guy! :D My sister even brought him up to the hospital while I was in for an operation :) I love my Donald!

Date: 2010-08-08 09:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mondengel.livejournal.com
You forgot to mention that I have the exact same stuffed rabbit, but mine is much fatter, is called Ponald instead of Donald, and is a crossdresser rabbit who wears the first dress I ever had. Srsly.

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