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Hi, guys. I have a backlog of 100+ entries saved to read through, and because I don't really get on as often as ideally to deal with the number of friends I have added here, which doesn't feel worth it to me if we're not connecting, so unfortunately, I've decided to do a cut of the people I feel I haven't really connected with. There are no hard feelings, especially because I know I haven't necessarily been the most engaging LJer. But basically, I'm here to make friends and connect deeper with people than just have us both reading each other's posts passively and not making comments or anything. It doesn't always happen, and that's fine, but I do just need to trim it down a bit. If you see an "add me" post from me in the near future, it's not because I'm lying to you about not having time, but I am looking for people I click with and can develop friendship with, perhaps beyond LJ as well as on it, so I'm just trying to maximize my experience. I just don't want anyone to feel bad, or as if they weren't good enough. With my health and hobbies, I simply don't have much time to allot to LJ, and think that it'd be more rewarding for both me and my friends here if there's more of a connection. :) Again, no hard feelings!
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