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Birthdate:Dec 31, 1990
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My Wordpress blog
My name is Richard, I’m 22, and live in Perth, Scotland. In 2012, I graduated with BSc in Anatomy from University of Glasgow. I moved back home from Glasgow after my degree, and live with my parents, twin sister Alexx, my younger sister and her baby, who was born in August. I have two other sisters, and two nieces, aged 4 and 1, and another nephew, aged 11.

My main interest/hobby is writing: I am working on my second novel, and I also write some poetry and lyrics, although less often. I'm an avid reader (feel free to add me on Goodreads). I also love to learn just about anything: I teach myself foreign language: fluent in German and English, and making an insane attempt to learn 10 more, which you can read about at my blog, Polyglot Scot. Unfortunately time can be quite short for it!.

I'm particularly interested in human biology, more specifically in anatomy, medicine, and forensic pathology; however, I like to read about others too, particularly chemistry and astronomy. I also have a passion for learning geographical trivia, and mythologies including Greek and Egyptian. Other hobbies include coding; I'm teaching myself HTML, CSS, PHP, and a little bit of Javascript for fun.

In my journal, I often write about what's going on in my life, and use it to go off on tangents. I do quite large photo posts from time to time; these are always under a cut. I am also beginning the 5000 Question Survey in a bid to let people get to know my mind and what I think, rather than what I do. I am quite opinionated, but I am accepting of others' opinions, as well as of all races, religions, etc. I am not averse to having discussion with someone with a completely different opinion, but will not let things escalate to an argument, on my part at least. We're all adults! It's just sometimes nice to hear the other side.

I have lupus, something that I don't like to shout much about in my "face-to-face" life, but it's worth mentioning here, as I do write quite often about it. I've been told my positive outlook on my life and disability is refreshing. :) In general, I'm not seeking pity, or even a place to vent, really (I have a support group for that!), but just somewhere to post about the progress with my health and my feelings about it.

In a Dreamwidth/LiveJournal friend, I'm not looking for anything extremely specific. I'm not one who absolutely must have lots of comments from users, but I do prefer it if we can comment on each other's posts at least every now and then, as I'm looking hopefully for someone to strike a friendship with, rather than just putting out a blog to be read. I don't expect comments on every entry, and I certainly don't give them, as I realize there often is not something to say, or we're busy, or whatever, and that's fine, but it's always nice to have a dialogue going every now and then. I am looking for people who are kind and open-minded.

If you want to add me, go ahead; simply let me know where you found my journal, and I'll likely be more than happy to add you back.

Feel free also to add me on any of these sites, again letting me know where you're from:
5000 Question Survey so far

My Labyrinthine Mind (My random musings, with a slight academic leaning, particularly science-related.)
Polyglot Scot (Lessons of the foreign languages I'm learning)
Wolf and the Moon Crochet (I post patterns and my progress on projects here)
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