Aug. 18th, 2010

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Anatomist/musician/author :) Preferably the latter two would be more part time things, as I'd hate the pressure of having to put out records or books. For that reason I'd like to self-publish/produce, because I can't stand the idea that some company would have more rights to my work than I would! So for this, I'd like to get the anatomist job first so I have the money, haha :P Anatomy has been my passion since I was about 9 :)

I'm doing pretty well so far; I'm going into my third year of an Anatomy degree next month. I wrote a lot of "lyrics" when I was younger, and when I realized they were just a joke, I stopped writing and didn't actually get back into it until some point in 2008. I've made up a few original tunes for keyboard but I'm pretty useless there, and I'm even more useless at playing my guitar, so we'll see where that goes. Similarly I wrote many stories from a young age, and have always had a huge imagination; then I moved on to more fanfic style work, i.e. very OTT plots, unresearched, and my characters ready-made from my favorite bands. I'm currently working on my first serious novel, and I'm pleased with where that's going.

So I guess you could say I have a pretty good chance at realizing these dreams, if I keep working hard :)

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