May. 14th, 2011

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Yes. Of course smokers will say no, and other people who say no are probably healthy and have never had a lung complaint in their lives. Why should those with respiratory problems have to risk their health by being exposed to cigarette smoke in every street? People spin shit like saying "there are worse things in the air"... But I don't think car smoke has so many carcinogens, plus I don't have my breath cut off by it all the time. Being an asthmatic, it sucks. I guess smokers never stop to think that the person behind them could have a real health problem and their smoke could exacerbate it - if smoke can give me an asthma attack, it could sure kill someone who has a much worse condition than mine. Is the right to be out in public and not be attacked by smoke not more important than the "right to smoke"? Smokers hark on about their "rights"... what rights? Yes, you can kill yourself with your smokes if you want, but the problem is that it doesn't just affect YOU when you smoke.

If I went around in public spraying people with carcinogenic products, I'd probably go to jail. Yet smokers do it. Smoking's pretty much only legal because they gave it to soldiers in the wars, right?

Ideally, it'd be banned altogether, but it'd never work. I'd be happy with designated smoking areas. It means I can avoid them and smokers can still smoke (seeing as some smokers are comparing the "right to smoke" with things like freedom of speech, jeez). Smoking's NOT a basic civil right. If you want to die, as I say, be my guest, but don't do it in a way that takes others with you. I actually just read someone say "What's next? Banning food in pubs because of obesity?" Yes, because being obese directly harms those around you and causes oncogenic mutations in their DNA...

Almost I want it to happen just once to smokers that someone behind them has a huge asthma attack or something. For them to realize just how much impact their disgusting habit has on other people. Would they stop to help? Well, I'd refuse to let a smoker help me because they'd make it worse by breathing it all over me and stuff... but for someone to realize that it's THEIR fault people could die from the acute effects of smoke (because like, NO ONE gets second hand lung cancer, right? ¬_¬).

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